Sunday, 14 November 2010

White and red wines

Turkey and chicken can be accompanied by white burgundy or decent red.I f you are going to push the boat on try a Chassagne or Puligny Montrachet or Mersault,stunning whites.
 Chateauneuf Du Pape red is much better value than Bordeaux (though see below).Both Waitrose and Sainsbury sell one made in 2007 by the Perrin boys for £19-99.They also produce the deadly serious  ,Beaucaste which is 4 times the cost..The very greatest in the world is Chateau Rayas;anyone stuck for my birthday present on december 12th (same day as Teresa Aitken and my eldest boy,Nico) ,get hunting.
 If you live in London,Leeds or Manchester go to Harvey Nichols for advice.The London shop is my favourite.Forget France.Prices there aare higher tthan here.
 If you want something simple for a drinks party please do not buy pinot grigio ,the mark of the dumb.Chile produces great wines.Sainsbury own label varietals such as Merlot are utterly fine for £4. Colchester Wine are selling some 1983 Lalande De Pomerol for £239-40 a case.Mature,sexy,intellligent choice. Tel 01206 713 560.Unbelievable value for something so rare.