Sunday, 14 November 2010

Swallow or spit? Christmas fizz.

Most of the weekend magazines suggest what to buy.Style today suggests Taittinger Prelude which i like but is an acquired taste.I gave a glass to an ex-acquaintance in the summer and she much preferred what i think is lovely ,Billecart Salmon sold at Oddbins.My loveliest bottle of the year was indeed this,consumed on the train to London.
 If you want rose champagne the best are Bollinger (not produced by them before now) and Ruinart.Laurent Perrier is not at all good compared to these 2.
 For value,Waitrose own label non-vintage at £19-99 is awesome .Their 2002 vintage,rightly recommended in the Observer today,is the very best for the money.If you do not like a supermarket label then buy the green label Mesnil 2004 from Waitrose.It is produced next door to Krug.Exotic.
 To get the Krug flavour try the Pelorus vintage  sold at Majestic (where the minimum sale is now 6 bottles).It is about £19-99.A friend asked me in the summer to help her choose the best pop for her engagement party.I gave her a shortlist of 4 which were tasted blind.This was both the best and the cheapest.
 Tesco own label is sound but they are selling a 2000 vintage as part of their best of range.It is 50 p more than the non-vintage .I bought every single bottle they had at my local branch.
 Much is made of English sparkling wine but you can buy perfect french vintage for less.
 Finally,avoid supermarket £9-99 muck.Sainsburys had some today.The best in Sainsbury is their own Blanc de Noir for £16-99.

 If you must buy a big label then Piper or Taittinger.I do not get Moet at all.