Sunday, 29 April 2012


The MOJ is making noises about a big announcement coming this week on whiplash litigation . Might they increase the small claims limit here ?

Monday, 16 April 2012


The latest edition of 'The new law Journal' contains an invaluable guide to active case management and budgeting written by the man who has been doing it for an aeon, His Honour Judge Simon Brown QC. It is an essential read for every litigator who wants to survive next year.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


I am just back and will be writing the city up for 'Counsel magazine'. Meanwhile , 3 random impressions.
At a shop dedicated to selling nothing but vacuum cleaners i saw the assistant sweeping the floor.
The most elegant , well dressed lady ran a shop selling knuckledusters, CS gas cannisters and Rambo knives.
French high speed trains are amazing and arrive early at their destination.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


I have just completed an update of my commentary on this treacherous part of the CPR in preparation for a talk at a magic circle firm.Drop me a line if you might be interested in telling your C V D from your AB V CD and you are not sure about JOYCE or THEWLIS.

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Forget ISAs , bonds and all that other muck. Buy postage stamps which will appreciate massively later this month. The nice lady at the Post Office in Bath slipped me some first class Bunty comic specials.


The Supreme Court is to hear the Summers appeal on April 18th and 19th. Can the Court strike out the entirety of a genuine claim if it includes an element that is dishonest ? Should the claimant forfeit everything ? Craig Sephton QC leads for the claimant ; i do not suggest that this claimant is guilty of any wrongdoing.Thanks to the ever reliable Martin Leech for the details.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Thanks to Google analytics i find that i have a significant following in South Korea (what? ) and , more promisingly, in Altrincham (wherever that is ). A sweet note today from Ellen Melhuish (cool name ) indicated that non- lawyers are also onboard. Crazy but lovely.
I always despaired that the English legal system was parochial , isolated, but i was put right by Chris Dale who told me that concepts like discovery/disclosure were of universal interest. How right he was.Our recent Lexis webinar , along with the sublime Shantanu Majumdar, broke yet another record as the most watched legal webinar in English legal history .My invites to go speak in New York and Melbourne next february prove the point. If you are interested in disclosure , classical or electronic, read the Dale blog. It is without equal.


On my previous jaunt i had Lord Neuberger MR get on followed by Pete Docherty. Last sunday it was the entire Jonathan Ross ensemble. Mrs R hair a pale pastiche of Anastasia . Odder and odder.


It was so kind of Matt Gibbbons of Deans Court Chambers to invite me to attend this great event organised by Lady Hilary Meredith. Andrew Twambley never left her side all evening , which was fine but she did visit the ladies twice. i am sure Mrs T will understand .
Matt was recommended to me as a clerk in the ascendency by Mike Goodridge , who as senior clerk at 9 Gough knows his stuff. I met so many good people , not least Martin Leech, who supports Matt and is just great fun.
Of their barristers i got to talk to Tim Smith , fresh from the trigger litigation , as well as Zoe Earnshaw and Richard Whitehall. Pascale Hicks studied in Bordeaux . No fool her.They were all normal and bright . Whoever recruits is doing a good job.
I had a surreal conversation with Alison Mc Cormick of Outer Temple chambers who told me that she didnt think i existed. I think that too sometimes but anyway she now thinks i am real . Her instructing solicitor from Irwin Mitchell in Sheffield had the happiest smile and laugh but her identity remains a mystery.
Former model Ruth Graham was pretty in pink and the whole evening was lovely which is not how most legal bashes are.
 The summer party held by 11 KBW is awesome so ask Lucy if you can go. Last year the Court of Appeal had an informal hearing in the middle of the dance floor ( to 'Get Get Down ' by Paul Johnson).Fabulous.