Sunday, 23 December 2012


I revealed here on November 26th that those responsible for portal extension had cold feet ( not trench foot) and were in gentle reverse about the likelihood of delivering reform in April.Nearly a month later the MOJ has reacted and it now concedes , admirably , that they are struggling. Portal reform was contrary to the specific advice of Lord Justice Jackson.
I think it a disaster and unlikely to happen in April. Happy Christmas to all ; i shall be scribbling and fettling whilst you party like it is 1999.

Monday, 17 December 2012


Moore -Bick LJ has written the judgment in HENRY and it will be published this week.
This may be my last posting of the year as i am off filming legal stuff in London and Paris before joining the Jones family on saturday for our Bibendum Christmas lunch.
Litigators must not despair . There is plenty of work to be done.Happy Christmas to all.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Friday, 7 December 2012


The Said Business School at Oxford University has the best auditorium ever. 120 people and yet i felt that if i reached out i could touch them ..The audience was brilliant and the afternoon a joy.


By any standard the event today was a raging success. So many delegates and great speakers. I met Roger Mallalieu for the first time. His talk about Qowcs was sublime. A happy day with Anastasia , Sally , Janine , Libby and Neville Illingworth -Law who offered to get me a tea as i sank under questions in the break.Good to hear from him that Laura Broomhall , a clever girl from a fine family, has got a training contract.


The Rules to implement reform are to be published in January.
The Law Society has  decided to look at producing a model damages based agreement; wise.
Temple is going to offer a.t.e. cover for QOWCS cases.
Andrew Twambley has seen a wall of funds come in from firms keen to secure work lawfully once the referral fee ban kicks in.

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Thanks to Luke Colyer who gave me a guided tour of Hedonism Wines in Mayfair .It is like Lavinia in Paris in that it carries a wide stock of the greatest bottles . What is wonderful is that it also stocks good , everyday wine and almost everything is cheaper than Majestic or Waitrose . How they do it when a minute from Claridges is beyond me .3-7 Davies st, tel 0207 290 7870. 

Saturday, 1 December 2012


Work on the general revision of Part 36 will not begin until next year.
The Jackson reforms ( 10% uplift on damages and QOWCS) will be implemented in April.


There is , rightly, immense concern about what one can and cannot do in injury cases from April next year. Frank Maher of Legal Risk and Sue Maudsley, his business partner, are brilliant at all matters relating to compliance and , if you are stuck , i suggest you approach them.
For the avoidance of doubt i do not take fees , bungs , cuts or anything else from those i mention here. My sole criterion is perceived talent and i like to think i have been proved right in mentioning HH Judge Simon Brown QC, Simon Butler, Stuart Mckechnie, Ben Posford, Sean Jones QC, Felicity Roberts , Teresa Aitken Paul Reason and Chris Dale amongst others.


I have the joy of 2 conferences in London this week.Wednesday is employment where i am the only non -silk speaking , Lord help me.I am with Sean Jones which guarantees hilarity and happiness. On friday ir is the costs conference . I was allowed to pick the speakers so i promise not a dud.Both are MBL events.
On thursday i speak to the ADR Group conference at Oxford University.


Last mention this year but the top tip that Sean Jones QC and i agreed upon , Tesco own label non-vintage , won highest praise in both the 'Telegraph' and 'Indy ' today.We rated it at £19-99; buy 6 now and it is under £12. If you but their simple Corbiere as part of the same deal it comes out at £2-99.Clean , decent French red.