Friday, 27 February 2015


I have had a week of London talks to lovely people !
Monday was the MDU who always give speakers a bottle of something special.
On Tuesday Beverley Barton and Linklaters hosted my talk on the new Part 36 for the PSL brethren who are ultimately the lawyers lawyers .
Wednesday and I got to Simmons and Simmons , a firm which has a staggering modern art collection .
Yesterday was Ince & Co, a practice that is booming and forward looking .
Finally, thanks to Mike Goodridge at 9 Gough Square for hosting my trial preparation talk . The sign of a great clerk is that they do all  they can to keep people happy . I would be lost without him . 

Sunday, 22 February 2015


The decision of the ever astute Warby J , a man destined for the Court of Appeal, in YEO earlier this month is vital.
Start at paragraph 52 . The decision of February 4th is on the blessed BAILLI. He makes a series of observations that are plainly correct . Above all else he states that the hourly rate and grade of fee earner are of relevance when vetting a budget . This is not what some prominent figures have suggested . They are not High Court Judges .
A breath of fresh air . 


Thanks to Beverley Barton for arranging my talk this Tuesday and to Linklaters for hosting it. A PSL is , of necessity, ahead of the loop and invaluable to their firm. We shall have fun. 

Friday, 20 February 2015


So many people have asked me about this . Here is my take .
Leading counsel made it clear at the outset of the resumed hearing that he was not attacking the vast number of additional liability arrangements .
His concern was with the circumstances of his client , privately funded and of modest means .
It may be that the Supreme Court will knock over the Costs Practice Direction which says that if base costs are reasonable and the success fee is too then , as day follows night , the total must be payable. I can see the Court inserting an obligation to send back and review the resulting gross figure before awarding it . 

Monday, 9 February 2015


Practitioners will be delighted to hear that Robert McCracken QC,who came over to say hello ,  made it clear that he had no intention of attacking recoverability in injury or disease cases . His grievance was that poor people , unsupported by unions or insurance , could be whacked on costs.

Sunday, 8 February 2015


I look forward to seeing many old friends as the Magnificent 7 start to hear COVENTRY V LAWRENCE . 


Our one fundamental piece of advice is that you pay a fat and pointless premium for a pink drink , particularly Champagne . Save lots by buying a standard bottle . If you are not a label snob then Waitrose or Tesco own label bottles are delicious . M and S has expanded and now stocks some smart , small producers .
If you need a name then Bollinger is on promotion at Waitrose .
Aldi Blanquette fizz is fine for about £7-50 . 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I am delighted to say that she has agreed to co- write a monthly wine column here . For all of my legal scribbling it is the wine tips which most people read . Oh well.
Clare spotted that Marks and Spencer have just launched a buy 6 get 25% off deal ; however, they have included wine already on promotion . So , £32 Champagne down to £16 becomes £12. Stunning value.