Monday, 26 December 2011


Very hot money on Lord Justice Elias being promoted next year. Top tip. A wise appointment.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


One last thought. The majority of States in the US (30 to be precise ) now cap damages. Might that arrive here ?
Interestingly, Texas has just decided to emulate us with a loser pays costs reform so as to seek to prevent unmeritorious actions being brought. How long before deadeye Jackson descends on Dallas ?


Last one for this year.
Enjoy the holidays.
Steel yourself for 2012; it is going to be so significant in legal history.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


The Government has today published the consultation on charging fees to applicants in the employment tribunal. Two schemes are mooted. Neither look sensible . No surprise there .


My top tips this  year did well. Here are my ones to watch for 2012.
Lord Neuberger MR who is surely going to run the Supreme Court next year.If there is any justice Rix LJ should be elevated. Laws LJ is in the frame too.
Sir Rupert Jackson is destined for the highest court too but i wonder if he will stay in the Court of appeal for awhile to ensure that his reforms bed down.
Stuart Mackechnie has achieved all that i predicted and more , winning pi barrister of the year last month.He will continue to roar ahead. I note that he was the one barrister in the country asked to advise on updating the law society pi panel criteria.
He is now joined at 9 Gough by Simon Butler, the tort supremo, and a real candidate for pi barrister of the year 2012.
Ben Posford is my top tip for claimant injury solicitor 2012. He is universally admired.
His Honour Judge Simon Brown QC ensured that the Birmingham costs pilot worked and is plainly worthy of the High Court bench.
Dr Mark Friston is the leading costs junior and was praised by the Court of Appeal only yesterday.He has several big cases coming up.
Sean Jones is the cleverest employment counsel i have ever met and ought to be a silk in a few months.
His clerk , Lucy Barbet, has had a great year with 11 KBW winning employment set of the year (again ). Mike Goodridge at 9 Gough Square achieved pi set of the year . Matthew Gibbons at Deans Court , Manchester, is one to watch.

Monday, 12 December 2011

The works outing.

On saturday PI Costings took a group of 8 clients to Paris for the day and kindly invited me along for the ride which was spectacular. The best rail journey is the Eurostar to Paris and that was followed by lunch at the new Mandarin Oriental and a gentle stroll and shop.I promised to mention Aunty Ellen Parry at Leigh Day who has a propensity for going out dressed in red ballooons (don't ask ).She has some amazing photos on her phone (do ask ). A great talent is evident .

Ben Posford and other birthdays.

Congratulations to the brilliant litigator and his wife who had baby Sam this morning. It is my birthday too and i went to my favourite spot with my baby daughter.Happy birthday to Teresa Aitken who also managed to make the 12th her wedding anniversary and to my beloved Nico who shares the day too.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


The Supreme Court will not hear the case of Summers unto April.Can a claimant who exaggerates a claim on purpose for gain be struck out altogether so as to be denied all compensation , even though part of the claim is valid?
We have an 11 month wait for the same court to consider privilege in the Prudential appeal.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


The consultation paper has at last been printed off and should be out for consultation in a few weeks. The Government is in no hurry to act so expect a languid period to be allowed for responses.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Thursday evening was the Legal Week awards event with just under 1,000 attending.My thanks to Carol Hui for explaining all the categories to me.
Ben Posford, the injury genius, invited me to the Headway awards on friday and that too was packed out.He becomes a father on december 12th , a good day for a birthday !