Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Part 36

I have written an essential guide to getting offers right and this will be published by PLC in their newsletter tomorrow night.
I am happy to accept invites to go in-house to talk about this vexed topic. My critique of the Thewlis decision will be in The New Law Journal on thursday week.


Felicity Roberts is highly regarded for her ability to make sense of boxes of bilge and i assume that the implant litigation will ensure she doesnt go bust.Anyway, if you need someone to do the job and produce an immaculate chronology then give her a go.You can contact her on 01392 499181. I do not take any payment for recommending people; i only recommend those whom i believe are excellent or better.


The Government has sensibly decided to give itself more time to fine tune Jackson with implementation now set for April next year.I still cannot see the demise of legal aid for clin neg work.
It has also confirmed, as i said nearly a year ago , that criminal injuries compensation is to be cut back.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


i was taken out to a lovely lunch by those very clever ladies who look after the Dispute Resolution section of Practical Law. i was coerced into writing a Part 36 note which should appear soon ; i am on their editorial board.


I understand that the 7 Judges who heard AB V Ministry of Dewfence have concluded their opinions (which are unlikely to be unanimous ) and we could see the outcome in less than a month.
 Newly appointed Lord Sumption gave an interview in The Times this week when he revealed that the Supreme Court is a court of law . However did we cope without his wisdom ? If you want to impress him tell him that over christmas you read' The Triumph of The Dark' and' The Reformation  of Landscape'. He picked both as his books of the year for' The Spectator ' 12th november 2011. On no account mention the Bunty annual .

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Two new places have recently opened in London and will thrive.
The more obvious is in Notting Hill and it is run by Australian tv chef Bill Granger who was there when i went last month. No bookings ; you take your chance.The food is simple, interesting and reasonably priced. Relaxed and happy.
Those who work in the legal quarter of London should try 61 Above the Sun, a restaurant located above the Sun pub just off Ludgate Hill , a moment from St Pauls.It is stupendously good in an area devoid of decent food. There are 6 starters , 6 mains and 5 desserts plus specials. The under blade steak fillet with thrice cooked chunky chips was the best i have had in 2011. Phil, his partner and Jo run it . Small but perfect. The wine list beggars belief with stunning white burgundy , champagne and reds from Spain and Sicily that are utterly underpriced. It is so new that a landline is awaited ; you can book on  07810 437 997.


Those hankering after something worthwhile to read have 2 interesting choices.
The ' London Review of Books ' begins each year with extracts from the diary of Alan Bennett and the 2011 thoughts , 3 big pages of them , were published yesterday. Marvellous.
The decision of the FA to ban the Liverpool player , Suarez, is equally compelling and the decision , written by employment silk Paul Goulding , is an object lesson in how to construct a decision. Two experts were instructed to explain the use of the word "negro " in a South American context ( let alone " your sister's cxnt" ) but why did they not get a lip reader to look at all the recordings and determine what was said ?