Saturday, 27 November 2010

The season 2011

 I and my closest professional friends (Nicola,TeresaErica,Simons Butler and Brown,Daddy Jones and Nicola) have amassed invites already to the opening of the Chelsea Flower Show,the Royal Enclosure at Ascot,Glyndebourne Opera ,Henley and London fashion week in february plus Polo (wherever that is).
 The hot ticket though is the Birmingham Mercantile Court where we are likely to see guest appearances from Michael Cook,Michael Bacon and other costs wizards who want to see how case/costs control works.The extension of this in a few months means that the extravagent litigators will not be able to escape which they can now do by issuing anywhere but in Birmingham.
 A lady at a party last month owns a clothes shop called Net a Porter and she has made me an EIP whatever that means.