Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cook on Costs party

The launch party last night was wonderful.Michael Cook is held in such high esteem that it only took one call and Lord Justice Jackson agreed to attend.Sir Rupert admitted that the very first thing he did on being appointed to review costs was to read Cook,cover to cover.
 Michael,as ever,delivered a stunningly witty talk.
 Thanks to all at Ely Place including Ron Thwaites QC ,Simon Butler (tort supremo and chauffeur) and the clerks for hosting the event.
 I was impressed by HH Judge Simon Brown coming from Birmingham and Angela /Brendan coming from Ipswich until i met Liz Harris who not only came from Australia but brought me a stunning bottle from her husbands cellar.I hope he does not read this.
 The saintly Teresa Aitken took us to dinner where Paul Scrutton wore a large grin all evening for some unknown reason.