Monday, 5 August 2013


There has never been such a hectic year. Inter alia , can i say thanks to everyone whom i have encountered .So many good people including  HHJ Simon Brown QC, Paul Scrutton , John Spencer,Adam Manning ,Maria  Kell, Stuart Mackechnie , Mike , Paul Reason , Teresa and her amazing husband , the boys at Neolaw, Mark Field , Dr Friston , Erica , Mark Griffin , Marshal, Matt Gibbons , Sue Bright , Mrs P ,Mike Charnley , Kerry '2 brains 'Underwood, Sara Stanger, Jill Riley are just a few names on my list. Jef Zindani has been magnificent in getting our book published ; a hero.
And congratulations to Roz Steeple who is soon to marry ( with me planning the honeymoon). Oh yes.