Monday, 5 August 2013


It is holiday time. Here are 3 random warnings.
1.The latest blag in big European cities ( particularly Paris and Barcelona ) is the petition. Roma children give innocent tourists a petition and a pen to sign it with.With hands out of the way an accomplice will dip into bags or pockets.
2. French and Italian pharmacies have a monopoly on selling even simple painkillers. 30 p generic paracetomol at Boots is £8 in Venice.Take your own and suntan lotion / deet based insect repellent too.
3. Several shops present the card machine which gives you the option to pay either in euros or pounds.Never pay in pounds. The catch is that the retailer can dictate the rate of exchange as obviously it will collect in euros.You get overcharged due to a dire exchange rate.
Bon voyage.