Monday, 19 November 2012


Whoever is advising the Prime Minister on law reform should be shot.
He announced a clampdown on Judicial Review today. The number of applications has , he said , risen dramatically so his ' cure ' is to charge loads more for making applications.
That is imbecilic. The increase , which he did not mention , is wholly down to immigration challenges. Were the Government to get a grip on that issue the problem would be solved.
How can it be a solution to charge more money and anyway doesnt one need leave to seek JR? That is in itself a highly effective filter. Our Judiciary is second to none and it suggests that they are all duped cretins.
I do not blame the Prime Minister ; he is relying upon people unfit to give decent advice.
What is more , the imminent Leveson report is utter dynamite as you will see. Law reform could be the undoing of a Prime Minister, truly.