Monday, 19 November 2012


It seems so long ago when i did the very first dispute resolution webinar . I have chaired everyone since.  We will break records again with the programme starring His Honour Michael Cook and Jeremy Morgan QC . The numbers already booked with 10 days yet to go is the largest ever. It is a fine tribute to the 2 presenters.
MBL are running a costs conference in London on december 7th and that has over 100 bookings already including , hopefully , jet - setter Nicola Hoskin. See you there i hope. It is such a big event that Janine Mallon , the Queen of MBL , is coming down.
Finally , i hear that Dr Friston has generated 2 further print runs with his recent book on the subject of costs , something unheard of in legal publishing ( well until i write my memoirs , obviously ).