Friday, 20 May 2011

Jackson v His Critics

I had a lovely lunch with Geraldine McCool today to celebrate her recent birthday .This sadly meant missing a lunch with Anastasia and someone who celebrated her half birthday on tuesday.Sorry.She kindly produced the response of Sir Rupert, dated may 16th, to the Oliphant report.Thompsons commissioned a group of acadaemics,lead by Prof O,to analyse and,as it proved ,to attack key Jackson proposals.Sir Rupert is having none of it and has swatted the criticisms aside.Interestingly,he describes APIL as his strongest critic.I would say his most vociferous critic but no matter.
I would not want anyone to think that Sir Rupert is just interested in law reform.At the Court of Appeal Christmas party he introduced me to the oeuvre of Aloe Blacc.Altogether now
"Clap your hands everybody,
Everybody just clap your hands,
Come on y'all......".Wondrous.'I need a dollar '.