Sunday, 15 May 2011


That was the amount of the bill presented by Leigh Day to the defendants in the Trafigura pollution injury claims where it was ultimately accepted that most claimants had flu like symptoms.
The SCCO decision was about preliminary issues and ,uniquely,involved 5 silks and a junior.
It was found ,applying what struck me as advanced nuclear physics,that the appropriate success fee for counsel and solicitors was 58%.I could have told them that had they asked me.The risk assessment called the case "fabulously complex".
You might be surprised to learn as was i that the Clerkenwell hourly rate does not include the cost of armed bodyguards (para.393).
Please do not mention this case to Sir Rupert Jackson;i fear the pooor man would implode.
Nerd alert-there is a typo at para .196 where the date should be october 30th(obviously).
Bring on the detailed assessment.