Saturday, 22 November 2014


Each year I put together a list of barristers and Judges that have impressed me . It is utterly subjective . It is also heartfelt . In no particular order here is my end of year roll of honour .
DAVID PILLING - This Liverpool barrister has a sublime appreciation of the brave new world of portals and fixed costs .
SIMON BUTLER - It is remarkable in these days of specialisation that one man can effortlessly and comprehensively master injury , public law , civil procedure et al. Recommended without reservation. A lovely man too .
ED PEPPERALL QC - This Birmingham silk is red hot on commercial disputes and is also heavily involved in re- writing Part 36 .
ROBERT WEIR QC - Thompsons think very highly of this injury specialist who won COX V MOJ ( which is off to the Supreme Court )
SEAN JONES QC - A stunning employment silk . High Court bench material. His speciality is advising in an area of law where there are just 20 employees  ( Premiership managers hiring and firing ).
DAVID READE QC - Great mix of commonsense and deep legal thought.
ALEX HUTTON QC and NICK BACON QC - A duopoly at the top of costs and funding law .
DR MARK FRISTON - The most senior costs junior who is back in business in January.
ROGER MALLALIEU - A costs junior who is really fast with paperwork and sound in judgment.
WILLIAM FLENLEY QC - A massive , modest talent with an astonishing command of professional negligence .
KATE LIVESEY - Already recognised as a bright young thing at the Professional negligence bar .
STUART McKECHNIE - The King of injury schedules , regularly instructed by pi specialists like Ben Posford .
SHANTANU MAJUMDAR - Chancery and insurance guru . Wine fanatic too.
TURNER J - Not long on the High Court bench but responsible for some searing judgments that have attracted praise from the Appeal Court.
MRS JUSTICE CARR - A certainty for the Court of Appeal.
JACKSON LJ - I admire his courage and integrity in producing dissenting judgments .
HHJ SIMON BROWN QC - So hard working and enthusiastic .