Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Sorry for the silence but i have been rather busy and there is no sign of a let up.
The degree of ignorance about the biggest reforms this century is staggering.In 'The Times' last thursday were 2 howlers. A financial columnist wrote that the budgeting rules would force the SFO to reveal what it was paying a city firm to defend the undefendable action brought against it by the Tchenguiz brothers. Err no ; it is a commercial Court action where budgeting does not apply.
On another page in a decent article about reform was a quaint quote that budgeting would force an employer in an unfair dismissal claim to reveal it was using an enquiry agent. Err no; the employment tribunal is the only venue for such a claim .Tthere is ordinarily no costs order , let alone budgeting .Sir Rupert did not darken their door.
I would avoid the Law Society model CFA and ask Kerry Underwood to produce one instead. As ever i have no financial involvement with Kerry ; it is that i rate him.