Saturday, 27 October 2012


It was so kind of Matt Gibbon of Deans Court Chambers to invite me along. I was dismayed that i wasn't sitting at my usual awards table , equidistant between the toilets and the food recyling skip and but a short taxi ride to the stage.As it was i was in the front line , a heavy hint that someone in our midst was a winner and so it proved. Congratulations to Mark Turner QC.
The most poignant speech was delivered by Philip Monham of 11 KBW. He descibed his early days in Chambers , the smell of pipe smoke and polish.Alan Bennett would have been envious.
Clive Anderson was the greatest host . He exuded a love of the law and lawyers.
4 Pump Court won set of the year ; interestingly , for all that wisdom the members were incapable of lining up to have their photograph taken. They might as well have been blindfolded and chucked in a centrifuge.I exempt their senior clerk who exuded glamour.