Wednesday, 19 September 2012


All people want to hear about is wine and not law. I give in.
Tesco is the place to visit right now.It has launched a Simply Tesco range of wines , white and red , at modest prices.Thanks to Ferdy Lovett for tipping me off about the Pinot Noir , excellent.Incidentally , the best Pinot Noir i have ever tasted was the Cloudy Bay number when treated to dinner last week by Sajid Hussain of Outspire, a noble gesture by a man who doesn't imbibe .
Paul Carroll , Manchester litigation supremo up there with Anastasia and Sue Bright, wrote today to tip me off about the Tesco Brunello , a big red for £15. Their other massive red from Italy , the Barolo, is a stunner albeit £20 ( yet cheaper here than in the country of origin).
The real coup though is that Tesco has got its hands upon a range of Taittinger champagne. Christmas is not far away. The very best buy is the 2004 vintage for £29-99, less than the normal price of the lesser non -vintage.Amazing. They also have 2 exotic limited runs , Nocturne and Prelude, which they are selling for half the normal price.The killer is the vintage but if you are seriously into great fizz then the Prelude is fascinating.