Sunday, 20 May 2012


You might expect the most expensive newspaper in the country to produce a sensible story but the 'Financial Times' of saturday 19th may at page 4 produced a dire piece.It claimed that spurious deafness claims were the new whiplash con. And how were these despicable dodgy claimants being enticed into making claims for non-existent injury ? They were being offered hearing aids!
I must concede that these incentives work. i was not going to do anything about my breast implants but now that i have been offered £500 to spend on lingerie for myself at La Perla i will be litigating with the rest of them.
There was , buried in the FT piece , a serious point made by the highly regarded John Latter of Zurich. There is a big rise in claims and perhaps a sensible scheme , agreeed by all parties , might help.