Friday, 28 October 2011


This was a happy event for the 2 sets that I am closest to.9 Gough Square collected the injury award whilst 11 KBW won employment , yet again.
There were 2 frustrating aspects to the evening . Every 2 minutes a flunky would utter a shhh that was louder than the happy murmurs he sought to suppress .
Jacob Levy , seemingly nominated for more awards than anyone ever , walked away empty handed and I had to spend my evening consoling him.Whilst it was a tad ambitious for his keen clerk to enter him for most glamorous female barrister ( under 30) award I did leave feeling that he had been robbed.
I had the benefit of sitting with Paul Reason who is the best company . Thanks to Mike at 9 Gough who has had a cracking year and we still Have the pi awards yet to come .