Monday, 5 September 2011


Well the long vacation , as we called it once, is over and the merry go round of litigation resumes.Last month i did go on Big Thunder Mountain at Disney with my boys after our Venice trip but otherwise it has been incessant writing.
Today , the Jackson bill is back before Parliament and the Alistair Kinley CJC committee is knucking down to help Sir Rupert with fine -tuning for implementsation in October next year.
HH Michael Cook has kindly sent me his new Part 36 chapter to read for Cook on Costs will be out in less than 3 months.
My massive disappointment with disappearing webinar speakers , booked long ago , and then not appearing has caused me grief but we are back on thursday with the most watched series in the country.
I was honoured to go to lunch on friday with birthday boy Stuart MacKechnie ,injury maven , at Le Caprice in London . When we arrived it transpired that Paul Stanton of Halsalls had been inearlier and had left the cost of a good drink behind the bar.A great man.
The other great man is John Griffiths , the new Chippendale of Bath.I was going to say for those unfamiliar with the term that he is big with wood but i fear that might add to the confusion.Anyway, he has moved me into a lovely apartment .The view is spoiled by a big set of council terraced houses called the Royal Crescent .My petition to have them demolished will see them off.Back to law.