Wednesday, 13 July 2011


The party at the Savoy last night was wonderful.Nicky Briggs has a demonstrable affection for her authors .Christian Fleck,the new MD ,is a whirlwind .We shall have fun.Irene 'darlink' Kaplan is the most unlikely person on the planet to be head of tax,that droll topic.
I also met for the first time the abstemious Clare McMahon,my Tolleys Employment handbook editor.
The saintly Jan Miller has agreed that we can do a free webcast on the Jackson Bill and that should be broadcast later this month.
My personal highlight was a long ,funny chat with Michael Kershaw QC , the loveliest man one could ever meet.He won for the claimant in the House of Lords in Rigby v Ferodo, all about unilateral pay cuts,and was a brilliant Mercantile Judge in Manchester.So modest,so wonderful.