Sunday, 7 November 2010

Immense talent at the Bar

I do get some good jobs.I have been retained by a massive legal entity to pick a handful of spectacular prospects at the junior bar whom i think will be silks soon.
As a small taster i propose
Stuart McKechnie-9 Gough Square,a favourite of mine (and the very senior injury guru,Marshall,at Walker Morris).Modest  Brilliant with clients who must be terrified of the legal lottery..He really understands heavy injury claims.A  foodie and Bibendum fan.
Simon Butler-the most thoughtful man i know and who is adored by the Court of Appeal as i found out last monday night talking to members at the Garrick Club.He is a formidable talent on developing liability in tort.
Sean Jones 11 KBW-were anyone stupid enough to give me a job this is the man i would always go to when dismissed (as i would be) .Winner of the employment barrister of the year .He has nearly forgiven me for getting us tipsy at Le Caprice on St Patricks night.
Dr Mark Friston-The king of costs advocacy.He has been involved in the case of the year,Gibbon.Very thorough.Kind.When a friend thought she was about to lose £51,000 on a bill he rode to the rescue and recovered every penny.